Boats are expensive investments, so it’s essential to research before purchasing. Whether you’re buying for recreational or commercial use, there are many boat brands to choose from. From fiberglass to wood and everything in between, always consider the durability, weather conditions you will be sailing, and other factors that might influence your decision before settling on a boat.

Today, we will be highlighting the five best boat brands on the market. These brands are well known for their exceptional craftsmanship and decades of experience, offering only the highest quality water vessels money can buy. 


Gar Wood garwood-boat

Established in 1907, Gar Wood is one of the oldest boat manufacturers, with experience that spans over 100 years. Boats are made of wood, known for their durability and resistance to water damage. Gar Wood is especially popular for its use of mahogany, a solid yet lightweight lumber that will last you many seasons without deteriorating.

Garwood Industries boats were designed to focus on weight distribution to make them superior performers. In 1949, one of their designs, Miss Pepsi (1927), was converted to the world’s first V-drive, and in 1952, Miss Thriftway (1949) was powered by a purpose-built Chrysler Marine Hemi engine which produced over 1,000 horsepower. The original engine is still in the boat today and runs like new.

Gar Wood boats were well known for their use in high-speed racing and were popular with celebrities such as Bing Crosby, Gary Cooper, Henry Ford II, and Randolph Hearst. A Gar Wood boat was featured in the movie Jaws (1975).

Garwood boat brands usually use their original name as the company name, such as Gar Wood, Gar-Wood, and Garwood.


Boston Whaler

One type of boat known for its durability and versatility is the Boston Whaler boat. A company based out of Massachusetts, Boston Whaler was founded in 1952 by Raymond B. Johnson II. These boats are easily recognizable due to their distinctive oval hulls, especially with other crafts or ships designed to move through the water.

What makes Boston Whaler boats unique is their customization options. These highly adaptable boats can be used for fishing, hunting, scuba diving, or even just cruising around on the open water. The ship’s hull also ensures that there will be minimal impact with underwater surfaces when in shallow waters, allowing for an easier time when landing on the shore of a sea or lake.

These boats come in different sizes and models, allowing for a wide range of customization and use. The smallest of these crafts is the 17 footer, and the largest and most customized is the 46-foot model. You can outfit this boat with features, including water slides, bars, and even a hot tub.

Some models may include a center console to make it easier for the passengers to see in front of them, while others may not have any housing or structure behind the desired area. Some boats may not even have an enclosure at all, these are called “open” models, and they typically include a windshield to protect the passengers from debris coming off of the water.

Boston Whaler boats are so customizable because their primary target markets were fish finders or people who wanted to go out on the water. Therefore, they needed to ensure that their consumers had many options to find the perfect boat for whatever activity they had in mind.


Chris Craft

Since 1876, Chris Craft has been a leader in boat production, mainly racing boats. Boats are made with fiberglass and wood, providing exceptional strength and durability at only a fraction of the weight of other materials.

Chris Craft is one of the boat brands loved by many sailers because of its simplicity in operating.

When it comes to designs, Chris Craft gives off a vintage look that most people love because it is simple and looks good. As for its durability, the sailors said that Chris Craft’s are very reliable and worked for years. 

Chris Craft is one of the oldest boat companies in America. They do not just focus on making sailboats; they also make motorboats. The company has been making boats for such a long time that they have become one of the best boat companies in the world.


Sea Ray

Sea Ray Boats is a North American boat manufacturer started in 1959 by Business Partners, Inc. The company was initially called S2 Yachts but later changed its name to Sea Ray after manufacturing motor vehicles in 1962.

Sea Ray Boats operates three divisions: performance boats, pleasure boats, and yachts. The company also has a recreational boat product division for outboard motors, a parts, and accessories division, a commercial division for law enforcement and government agencies, and a shipyard to service yachts.

In recent years, the company has been awarded several patents that have done away with transoms to improve wake stability while maintaining fuel efficiency and a patented hull design that reduces wind resistance to improve fuel efficiency.

The Sea Ray boat brands are known for their quality craftsmanship and performance.


Grady White

Founded in 1970 near the Chesapeake Bay, Grady White specializes in fishing boats. Their boats have reliable designs that can take on even the most choppy waters, and their heavy-duty strength ensures that your boat won’t break down quickly.

Grady-White boats are known for their impressive construction and craftsmanship. Their ships are built with a fiberglass outer shell that is lightweight and easy to handle for safety concerns. In case of an accident, this outer layer helps to deflect the blow from the collision. 

Grady White boats are known for their sturdy construction. In addition, they have a shallow center of gravity compared to other boats on the water, which gives them an advantage in rough seas. This makes them a very stable vessel, even in harsh conditions. These two features work together to provide Grady White boats with excellent stability in terms of performance.

In addition to the impressive safety features and construction of Grady White boat models, they are known for their thoughtful design. The company believes that a boat’s design should be based on its intended use. Since their inception, they have created models suited for fishing, cruising the ocean, and hosting family outings. The company wants to make sure that all of its customers receive a high-quality boat and one that meets their needs.



Boats are great investments, but they require high maintenance too. So, you must purchase them from well-known boat brands. You also need to install quality glass windows that withstand solid waves and saltwater. 

Glass windows are an essential part of your boat. They provide light and ventilation and can also be a way to enjoy the view. 

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