boat-maintenanceBoat maintenance is one of the most crucial things in boat ownership. It may take a lot of time to do and can get frustrating at times, but unfortunately, there’s no way around it. The last thing boat owners want is to have their boats break down while being out in the open water. 

Here are some boat maintenance tips for that smooth sailing.

Clean your boat’s hull.

Clean the hull every month to prevent the growth of algae and other saltwater or freshwater critters that may eat your ship from underneath. Letting this happen can cause rust or worsen leaks.

Wash off the dirt with a pressure washer, then wipe using fresh water to prevent salt buildup. Just don’t use too much pressure in the washer to prevent damaging your boat’s paint and causing leaks if there are any holes in its walls or flooring. 

Check the boat for leaks and fix them.

It’s a good idea to check under your boat every month for any signs of leaks or rust. If left unattended, it can lead to major damage later on. There are anti-fouling coatings you can use to prevent algae from growing. Be sure that all wooden parts of the boat are properly sealed before adding the coating. 

Change boat oil, filter, and spark plugs.

For boat engines to run properly, they need pure, clean fuel. So make sure to change the oil every season before putting it back into storage for winter or long periods of disuse. Not only does this ensure that your boat engine runs smoothly, but it also keeps rust at bay. 

If your boat is gasoline-powered, don’t forget to change its gas filter. If there is any debris left in the tank, it may clog the essential parts like valves, which later on can lead to expensive repairs when damaged. 

Lastly, replace all boat spark plugs, so the boat engine starts like it’s the first time.

Check the Hoses

Hoses are like veins and arteries to a boat, so keeping an eye on them is crucial to boat maintenance. If you notice any cracks in your hoses, replace them right away. If one leaks while you’re at sea, the water can flood into the engine compartment, causing boat engine failure. 

You should also keep an eye on your boat’s water pump since it’s mainly responsible for pumping coolant throughout the boat engine system to make sure it doesn’t overheat. This is important, especially during the summer. If you see any leaks or corrosion around where it’s attached, replace it immediately before the damage worsens. 

Lastly, make sure you have enough spare engine belts onboard just in case something goes wrong. Replacing them while out in the water could be extremely difficult since the boat engine would need to be removed. So make sure you have all the necessary tools before attempting this job. Improvising could lead to motor damage, costing you more than just extra engine belts. 

Inspect all electrical components

Most boat owners don’t realize that boat batteries are like car batteries that need to be replaced over time. So before getting too carried away with your boat projects, check if all of your boat’s electrical components are properly working by either using a multimeter or just checking them visually. 

Check the batteries, alternators, light bulbs, and fuses or breakers. Inspect your boat batteries and replace them every couple of years because if not maintained well, its acid could leak out, corrode, and cause serious damage.

Frayed wiring is another problem to look for as it may electrocute someone, which is way worse while in the water. It may be best to rewire them entirely instead of trying to fix something that ends up costing much more than just a boat wiring kit. Make sure to do electrical boat maintenance at least once or twice a year.

Keep up with routine maintenance.

Part of being a responsible boat owner is keeping up with routine maintenance and not doing them when the problem starts. 

Doing boat maintenance prevents damages that are harder to fix when you’re out in the water and no one’s around to help. For instance, maintaining a smooth-running motor can also help extend its life since many problems happen when the boat motor is already close to being worn out. 


Boat maintenance is essential, and keeping a routine should be taken seriously. Aside from keeping the exterior clean or checking the wirings and hose, make sure that everything is still intact, like your boat’s marine window, for instance. Marine windows are durable, but they have their limits, so if you notice cracks in them, you have to make replacements right away. 

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