houseboat windows

If you own a houseboat, one common problem you would encounter is leaky houseboat windows. This can be quite frustrating since you can’t seem to find the point of leakage but always have to deal with the water that soaks up underneath the frames and paneling.

It doesn’t matter whether they are slider windows or are fixed, you would definitely need to get them fixed to prevent further damage to your boat and save you future expenses.

The first point of inspection would be to check the drain openings on the window frame and ensure that they are not blocked. This is to prevent water from entering the interior of the boat when the drains are restricted.

Fixing a Houseboat Window

It is easier to make a replacement than to make repairs. It would cost you to get a new window frame or change a cracked glass window but fixing a leak might just be as simple as taking a spray hose and flooding the windows to find spots that need to be covered properly.

Getting a slider frame would be a major repair, but tacking the spaces inside the frame with waterproof materials can help prevent water from getting into the interior of the boat.

Most times, a leak in the window might be from the roof so it is important that you check the ceiling of your boathouse if you find it difficult to detect where the leak is coming from.