fixed boat window

Your boat windows can either be designed to hang at an angle in the case of hinged windows, or they could be permanently fastened like the fixed windows. They could also be made to slide forward and back like the sliding windows. If your boat is custom made, you would need to take into consideration the type you would want installed on your vessel.

The fixed or sliding window both perform the same role of allowing light to enter into the both. The only difference is that you can’t let in air with a fixed window installed. Sliding boat windows makes it possible for you to slide the glass to let in air on hot days.


Difference Between Fixed and Sliding Window


Fixed vs. Sliding Boat WindowsThe sliding windows are a lot common on a yacht and bigger boats while you most likely find a fixed window on an average sized boat. You can easily make an upgrade to your boat and add a sliding window to improve the appearance and let in more air when you need to.

However, it cost more to replace a sliding window than to change a fixed window, so might want to be ready for the expenses should you decide to make an upgrade.

Sliding windows allows for fresh air since you can easily slide open the window when you need to, this is something you can’t experience with fixed windows. With air-conditioning installed in your boat, you can be able to manage with a fixed window even in hot weather so long as you have tints installed on them.