A houseboat is not like any other type of house. Aside from being able to float in the waters, the houseboat’s design can vary depending on how you want to use it.

With modern architecture, function, and aesthetics in mind, boat owners can now choose what best fits their fancy. Take a look at these 10 types of houseboat designs.

1. Planing Houseboat houseboat designs

If there’s one thing boats have in common, it’s the hull. In this type of houseboat design, the hull is designed to ride on top of the water. The Planing Houseboat’s hull is usually V-shaped and is made to keep it above the water.

This design enables the boats to consume lesser power for high speeds. This design suits travelling rough seas and challenging weather.

2. Pontoon

This is the most popular type of houseboat because they are safer, and very easy to operate. It comes with two pontoon cylindrical tubes that work as its hull.

Pontoon houseboats are also much easier to maintain, and a lot cheaper than yachts or leisure boats.

3. Floating home

As its name implies, a floating home is a house designed to float in the water. They are not motorized like any other houseboats, but you are free to design it based on how you like your dream house to be.

Floating homes are stationary so you won’t have the leisure of travelling with it. However, with ocean views to wake up to every morning, you’ll still feel more connected to the sea.

4. Leisure/Luxury Houseboat

A houseboat made for slow cruising and partying. A luxury houseboat is a mobile boat designed for slow travels and can only be used on calm waters.

Some people would live in a houseboat for several days or live in it permanently. It’s like a floating home that travels.

5. Yacht houseboat restoration

A yacht is also a luxury type of sea vehicle, but this time, it’s made for the open sea. It’s smaller than a houseboat, but can be used the same.

Some would even cross a luxury houseboat and a yacht (also called a crossover yacht) to achieve better mobility with the same luxury features.

6. Sailboat

Sailboats are houseboats partially propelled by sails. There are many types of sailboats according to mast configuration and sail combinations, keel types, and hull types.

Though sailboats are mostly for recreation, people have made it liveable for travel. As it is powered by the sails, one should learn how to operate it especially during tough weather conditions.

7. Catamaran

A Catamaran type is any type of houseboat that is designed with two hulls. This type of houseboats have cabins situated at the deck, or for large models, inside the two hulls.

Some sailboats are also catamaran types, sailors find catamarans more stable for sailing, but have limited recreational functions.

8. Barge style

One of the rarest houseboat types, the Barge style of houseboat works like a small floating house but with the ability to navigate across calm bodies of water.

It’s very difficult to operate this type however because it has no self propulsion. They have no motors and will need to be towed to initiate movement.

9. Trailerable Houseboat

This is like any other houseboat, with a twist. It has both the functions of navigating on land and water. This type of houseboat has wheels installed in its hull for land mobility.

10. Canal Houseboat

Are simply residential boats designed to cruise on canals. It’s usually long and narrow to be able to pass through small canals. It’s an old houseboat type that is typically made from wood to keep its vintage design.


3 Things To Consider When Choosing Your Houseboat Design

  • Design and Function

Depending on how you want to live with it, deciding what your houseboat will be should be made primarily for its purpose. Will you be navigating rough seas? Or you only want to cruise through lakes?

Design comes hand-in-hand with function. Once you determine what you want to do with it, consider a design that speaks to this purpose.

  • Occupants

Will you be living as a couple, a big family, or with little children? Will your grandparents be living with you too? How many pets will be staying with you? Your houseboat must compliment your current lifestyle.

  • Safety and Security

This one shouldn’t be compromised. For any type of residential space, safety and security is the highest priority. For stationary houseboats, choose locations and marinas that have a community that you feel safe to stay in.

For mobile houseboats, make sure to invest in safety gears and accessories. Also keep your window glass in check for unsteady sea travels.

Your houseboat’s window must only be installed with the best quality glass. Allow us at Peninsula Glass to take care of your boat window needs. Talk to us today!