how to measure a boatBoats are helpful in many ways, and they are used for many things. It can be for recreation, enjoyment, and fishing. Some entrepreneurs use ships for a living by renting them to tourists or people who want to see the high seas.  That is why measuring a boat is necessary. Learning how to measure a boat will help you take extra precautions as you sail. You can also identify the load you can put into the boat. 

Different parts of the boat need to be measured, but you need to do it the right way. Thus, prior knowledge of measuring all parts of the boat is essential. 

What are the parts of the boat, and how to measure them?

The boat’s overall measurements will define its equipment and vessel. To ultimately measure a boat, you must do it from part to part until the overall dimensions. Here are the essential components of the vessel that need to be measured and the tools required.

Tools in Measuring a boat

  • Rulers and Tape measure
  • Liner Measurement Tool
  • Micrometer
  • Angle Plate
  • Flat Plate

Overall length

To get the boat’s overall length, you have to measure it from the tip of the front to the rear part of the vessel in a straight line. There should be no curves and bumps. If the boat has a low bow or front tip, you can add two more feet.


The beam of the boat is the upper surface of the boat and consider the widest part.

To measure the beam, you need to stand inside the boat and stretch the tape measure from the tip of the bow to its rare part. Then it would be best if you got its width by running the measuring tool from one side to the other. 


The draft of the boat is the length from the hull to the waterline. This is necessary to be able to maintain balance in the boat, consider the load that a ship can carry. 

To measure, look for the keel of the boat. Then, with a tape measure, find the length from the keel to the waterline. 

Total height

When determining the boat’s height, you need to stretch your tape in a straight line from the bottom of the boat to its highest point in the beam. 

Why do you need to measure a boat?

Before you feed your curiosity on measuring a boat, you have to know why you need to do so. Here are a few reasons as to why you should know your boats’ measurements. 


Knowing the waterline at its level will keep the boat stable. In addition, each boat has its allowable weight. First, however, you need to be aware of its waterline. 

The waterline will serve as your guide to make sure that the weight is well distributed. Putting all the weight in the middle or on one side of the boat will endanger the vessel to capsize. 


When you tow a boat, you have to consider the towline. Moreover, the heavy waves of the ocean or sea make it even more difficult. 

Knowing the measurement of your boat may help you estimate the distance when you tow to the port.

Purchasing engine. 

Each boat type has different engine requirements, including its size. You won’t know the size of the engine you need unless you know the measurement of its size. This will determine what engine you can get that will fit. 

It is required by law

States are required to measure the boats to make sure they comply with federal and state laws. This is to make sure that the boat is in line with the standards for safety reasons. If you are from the United States, you must learn the state law governing the ownership of boats so you can conduct measurements for compliance.

Putting accessories

Once you identify what accessories you want to place on the boat, the next thing that you need to do is know its measurements. For example, if you want to install a boat enclosure, you have to know the length and weight of the boat. This will allow you to have a perfect fit. Measurements can then be communicated to your accessory supplier. 

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