If your boat has sliding boat windows, you may soon have to change them. It’s needed even more when the window shows signs of damage.

Don’t wait until it has caused danger and significant damages to your boat and valuables. You can choose to hire a professional handyman but, you can also do it yourself if you have the knowledge and equipment.

Sliding boat windows have their own fair share of advantages, but they also have disadvantages. And these cons may outweigh the pros at some point of your boating life.

Here are some of the reasons why you may have to change these windows:

Tough to Clean

We might think that there’s no need to clean boat windows. After all, they get splashed by water, right? That’s entirely false. Cleaning is essential as it can cloud your vision when at sea.

Plus, it’s not good to look at. Fingerprints and smudges are inevitable. Dried up saltwater splash may also leave white marks.

Cleaning a normal sliding window is already tough. Cleaning a boat window may be tougher.

Broken Seal

One of the primary reason why you have to change your sliding windows is the seal. When it gets windy in the water, it can rattle and you may find it hard to seal. It’s also possible for water to leak through the center seam.

If you want to have sliding boat windows, make sure you buy high-quality window and replacement parts.