boat lifeLet’s get this out of the way: home and rent prices are sky-high these days. It’s getting harder to make the American Dream a reality, so people are looking for alternatives. Chances are you know someone who’s living in their vehicles full-time, like RVs and vans. But what about their seaborne counterparts: boats?

Boat life is a thing. It’s as the name suggests: you live on a boat instead of a house. Most of the time, the boat is moored in a marina, but the concept stays the same. People who live on boats are called liveaboards. If you wanna be one, you must know that the boating lifestyle isn’t all “adventure on the high seas”. You have to ask yourself a lot of questions before even stepping on the deck of a boat.

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Before Going On Board

Q: Will it be only for a specific period of time? 

A: This is the most important question there is. Much of the living arrangements start with this question right here. If you’re only looking to wait until the rent or home prices stabilize, then don’t go live on a boat. This rings true for people who live in cities where real estate value fluctuates often. In cities where prices more or less stay the same, however, it’s a different story. In simpler terms, boat life is more permanent than you think. So as much as possible, avoid going for it if you’re only doing so temporarily. 

boat livingQ: Are you prepared to explain your choice to your loved ones?

A: Whenever we have to defend our life choices from our loved ones who ask, it can get annoying. Living on a boat won’t be different. They’re going to expect you to live a more traditional life: rent a home or buy it, then live in it. That’s it. When they hear you live in a boat, that can complicate things for them. Because it’s such a deviation from societal norms. It’s on you if you have the patience to deal with constant questioning.

Q: Do you know places where it’s legal to live on a boat? 

A: Legal complications aren’t fun. We all know this. The lifestyle you’re considering, though, must still be legal. So if you have no idea where you can live on a boat legally, don’t consider it at all. Here’s one reality: a lot of marinas have years-long waiting lists for liveaboards. If you know how to find a place with as little legal issues as possible, by all means, live on a boat. If not, try another lifestyle. 

While Living On The Boat

Q: Are you okay with hunting for good marinas?

A: Not all marinas are the same. Many people assume that these places are ‘high society’ and fancy. The truth is, they can be as bad as trailer park slums at their worst. You must be ready to go marina-hunting for the nicer ones to live in. Notwithstanding, you still have to consider if you can legally moor your boat there.

Q: Are you fine with making multiple grocery trips in short spans of time? 

A: Unless you have a pretty big boat, you won’t have much storage space. This can mean you will run out of provisions quickly. You’re no longer living in a house where you have a constant supply of electricity, heating, and cooling. That’s one of the major realities of boat living, and you have to be ready for it. 

boating lifestyleQ: Are you handy with your maintenance skills? 

A: Boat life means you can’t call for maintenance services as easy as you would like. Most of the time, you’ll need to fix things on your own. Leaking pipes, cleaning, and basic boat maintenance-you name it. It’s a demanding life, but it can be fulfilling to be able to fix stuff without external help. Consider that a perk.

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If you answered yes to all the questions, then you are ready for a boating lifestyle. And while you’re at it, make sure that your boat windows are up to par! Contact the guys at Peninsula Glass and they’ll take care of all your window needs, helping you enjoy life on the water!