boat-windshield-door-catchesWhen you’re out on the water, there’s nothing more important than your safety. That’s why it’s essential to ensure your boat is in good condition and the parts are intact before you set sail. One of the vital parts of your boat is the windshield door catch, which will keep you safe and secure while you’re out on the open sea. 

This article will learn about boat windshield door catches, their types, and the things to consider in choosing the right one for your vessel, with additional tips on getting a boat windshield door with the right contractor and glass supplier. 


What is a Boat Windshield Door?

A boat windshield door is a door that attaches to the front of your boat’s windshield. This door helps keep you and your passengers safe while on the water by providing a secure place to sit. 

A boat windshield door catches, on the other hand, is a small part that helps to keep your boat windshield door in place while you are out on the water or if you are passing through. This small part is essential for keeping you safe and your windshield secure. 


Importance of a Catch to a Door Windshield

The catch is essential if you have a door windshield on your boat. The door can quickly fly open in high winds or rough seas without it. This can cause you and your passengers to be thrown overboard or pulled into the windshield.

Also, if you or your passengers need to pass through, the catch will hold the window open, and you don’t have to hold it until everyone is out. So, if you have a boat windshield door, you can consider installing catches to keep it close while onboard and hold it open while you pass through. 


Types of boat windshield door catch

Each type of catch has its unique benefits and drawbacks. Therefore, it’s essential to choose the right one for your boat. 

Here is a breakdown of each type of catch:


Pin Style Catches

This type of catch is the most common type of catch. It has a small metal pin that goes through a hole in the door and a notch on the frame. You can open this type of catch from the inside, and it is very secure. You may open it from the outside, but it can be complicated. 


Hook and Eye Catches

This type of catch is very common on older boats. It consists of a metal hook attached to a metal eye on the door frame. This type of catch is not as secure as the pin-style catches, but it is easier to open from the outside.


Toggle Catch

This catch is becoming more and more popular due to its security and ease of use. It consists of a metal toggle attached to a metal eye on the door frame. This type of catch is very secure and difficult to open from the outside. However, it is also easy to open from the inside.

All three types of boat windshield door catches have unique benefits and drawbacks. Therefore, it’s essential to choose the right one for your boat. Make sure to consult with a professional before making your final decision.


Things to Consider in Choosing the Right Boat Windshield Door Catches

Quality of Material

The Boat Windshield Door Catches are usually made of metals. However, if the metal is too thin, it would be more likely to bend or get rusted easily. So, get the one that should withstand the outdoor environment and different weather conditions.


Style and Design

Though they have the same function, boat windshield door catches also has designs and style. When choosing one, you may consider the type of catch that matches your boat’s existing decor or design. It may not affect its functionality, but it could look a little odd when its style and design are different from the overall door appearance.



The catches’ function is primarily securing the door and keeping it close while moving over the water. So, it has to function or work as expected. Aside from the style and material, it is also essential to check if it can be easily opened and closed.


Ease of Installation

Installing a boat windshield door catch is not rocket science, but some still find it difficult. So, get one that is easy to install to do it yourself without any help.



Finally, the price is always an important consideration. Get the best quality for your money. Compare and contrast the prices of different boat windshield door catches to get the most value for your purchase.


Getting a Boat Windshield Door

Having a windshield door on your boat is very convenient. It is also a safety measure as you don’t have to climb over to the railing if you want to get off the boat. But you have to remember to install boat windshield door catches to keep the door secure and in place. 

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