houseboat remodelHave you been considering buying a houseboat as a retirement home? Or maybe it’s a home you’ve always dreamed of? For people who love the sea views, and the wonderful things it can do, there’s no better way than building a house that’s entirely afloat in the water, or something that lets your cruise in the ocean.

Houseboats are less pricey than land rentals, but can cost you a big fortune upfront. For one, there’s buying the best houseboat in the market, and remodeling it to something that you envisioned. If you’ve been saving up for that dream houseboat, you have to know when to spend your budget more, and when to find an alternative.

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Save on materials and furniture

There are a lot of salvaged materials in thrift stores and markets that you can repurpose for a much lower price. Materials like sinks, cabinets, tubs and other furniture can be remodeled into looking new again. You just have to do a lot of research to find the ideal materials that best fit your fancy.

The good thing about these salvaged materials is that you can also customize them according to the space you’ll be putting them. This is ideal if you’re looking into space-saver design tricks for your houseboat.

Splurge on plumbing and sewage

If you’re remodeling an old boat, there’s a good chance that its plumbing has deteriorated. It’s recommended to hire professionals to help you assess which needed proper attention and upkeep. If you plan on doing it yourself along the way, make sure you’ve learned the important parts from your professional team. A substandard plumbing job is nothing but a disaster waiting to happen.

It also follows that the materials you should use is high-quality. Water pipings for your use must be non-contaminated and FDA-approved. Either it’s a cruising or a non-cruising houseboat, you must also invest on a proper garbage disposal unit. You don’t want a beautiful house that stinks in the ocean.

Save on manpower

There’s a lot of good in doing it yourself. It helps you learn more about things, it saves you more money, and makes you the ultimate man of the house who knows exactly how his houseboat works. Hiring professionals for consultations is ideal, but there will be stuff you can do and learn yourself.

It’s okay to seek help from professionals especially on areas you’re still not confident about. Basic carpentry skills and interiors can be done by you and one or two other helpers. If you still don’t have enough knowledge on plumbing and electrical, turn to the experts for advice and make sure to take notes so you’d know how to do it on your own.

boat remodelSplurge on windows and doors

Doors and windows keep your house safe while you and your family sleep inside. You should never fall short of securing your peace-of-mind.

Windows and its fixtures must only come with the best quality. Its glass and finishings should last you a few years. Installing it must also be dealt with proper attention, especially if you plan on installing them on your houseboat’s floor. Only experienced professionals know how to  install your houseboat windows properly, so remember to ask for help.

Doors must also be designed and planned carefully into your houseboat. This is a moving vehicle after all that’s why materials used should be conducive to motion and the sea’s changing personalities. Glass doors and boat windshields must be strong enough to handle harsh winds.

Maintaining a budget for your boat remodel must be included in the planning process. There will be emergencies and unseen expenses that might happen along the way. Spending your budget on the right parts is important to have it well-managed. However, splurging on quality should also be prioritized.

Your boat windows should only be made with quality in mind. Motion Windows can help you find the ideal custom boat window for your houseboat remodel. Talk to us today!