How to Measure for Marine Glass Replacement A broken glass window is a common repair a boat owner would have to occasionally deal with. While you can easily get a replacement for your broken boat or yacht window, you need to ensure that you get the specs right in order to save time and effort.

Before you get a marine glass replacement for a broken window, you would first want to get the measurements right before you head to the glass factory to get a new one. You would first want to note the type of window. A fixed window, windshield or sliding window are the kind of windows you would find on your boat so you want which type you are looking to replace.

Measuring Your Boat Window

You could use tape or ruler to get the measurement in inches or meters, and note them down as you would need this if you want the replacement to fit perfectly (you can download an easy-to-use worksheet here). Also, you would need to take a piece of the broken glass so as to get an exact replacement or something similar.

Once you get your boat window measured, then it’s time to shop for a new one. With the measurements and a piece of the broken glass, it would be easy to get a replacement that is similar to the previous one. Also do well to install window films on them to protect the interior from damage and make the boat a lot cooler even on extremely hot days.