OEM boat windows manufacturersYou would likely need to find a boat window manufacturer if you are into boat designs or you own a boat and need to do upgrades. There are quite a number of OEM boat windows manufacturers around, but it is best that you opt for a reputable manufacturer if you want to prevent water from getting inside your boat. Some manufacturers specialize in boat windshields while others deal with strips and seals.

Manufacturers such as New Century and Taylor Made Systems pride themselves as the best manufacturers of a wide variety of custom-made OEM flat and curved marine windows and windshields. There are other Original-Equipment-Manufacturers that specialize in windows and shields for powerboats such as Lee Aerospace manufacturers and Yuanda Marine Outfitters.

Best Material for Boat Windows

Depending on the type of boat and the design, a variety of materials can be used for the window frames. But the most common materials are aluminum, fiberglass, and vinyl-plastic.

Window frames made from aluminum are used due to their ability to expand and contract thereby holding the glass in place. Aluminum rust over time, but replacing aluminum windows don’t cost much. You would only spend more if you are changing the sliding window on a houseboat.

Refurbishing or redesigning your boat might require you to change the designs of your windows but do well to make use of aluminum frames as they are common in the market and wouldn’t be difficult to find a replacement in a short time.