boating hacksBoating hacks – it’s these unexpected things that can make boating a million times easier and more enjoyable. Most of the time, you never know that seemingly ordinary things have amazing applications, and  you might not be aware of out-of-the-box ideas you can use for what you already have. 

In this article, you will find several simple and clever boating hacks that will make living on a boat a breeze. They’re also grouped by categories for easier reading. Enjoy! 


  • Try silicone tools. You can find these easy and they’re absolute lifesavers because they’re collapsible. Consider this: typical dishes, utensils, and even buckets can hog a ton of space on deck. You can tuck collapsible silicone tools in spaces too tight for conventional items. Silicone is also easy to clean. 
  • boat storage hacksGo for canvas bags. The biggest advantage of a canvas bag is that it can follow the contours of the boat’s hull. That’s an ingenious way of saving space that you’ll never achieve with rigid containers. You’ll find that it would be easier to stash the bags in cabinets because you can pack them tightly for more room. 
  • Build drawers into the stairs. Staircases are extra storage options waiting for you to take advantage of them. Chances are, you have a lot of small knick-knacks like lighters and utensils lying around. Build drawers into the staircases and you’ll have something to stash smaller items in. With this boating hack, there’ll be no more loose cutlery or important stuff like scissors that always go missing when you need them!

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  • Designate a single trash bin and stick to it. When on a boat, it’s easier to reach for anything you can find and use it as a trash bin. But in the grand scheme of things, this doesn’t work well when you have to clean a boat in one go, more so after a trip. A single trash bin will make it easier to clean stuff up because all the trash is in one place. 
  • Use hot water whenever you can. Consider hot water a universal cleaner because it can get rid of almost anything you wipe it with. But the best application for this on a boat is cleaning off seawater on your deck. As any boater would know, salt is the single biggest contributor to corrosion on any vessel. Hot water can get rid of any built-up salt, as well as dirt and grime. Two birds with one stone.
  • boat cleaning hacksHave some vinegar on hand at all times. Like hot water, vinegar can serve as a great cheap multi-purpose cleaning solution. If you don’t have access to a hot water heater whenever you need it, just mix vinegar with water in a spray bottle. Spray on wherever you see built-up grime and it will dissolve. But to keep your boat from stinking of vinegar, be sure to rinse it off with fresh water. 


  • Have some tape handy. Masking tape is preferred. Use this if you have fiberglass that you need to drill through. Before drilling, apply a layer of tape onto the fiberglass to prevent chipping. Fiberglass is notorious for chipping off when you’re using such a high-powered tool. 
  • Use a file to round off the edges of a putty knife “scraper” if you’re scraping old paint or caulking off. This is to make sure that it won’t gouge and do unnecessary damage to any surface.  

General Boating Hacks 

  • Get an old cork from a wine bottle to use as a floatation device for your sunglasses. Drill a hole through each side. Make sure that the hole goes all the way through the cork. Then slide the strap of your sunglasses through it, and voila! No more losing your precious sunnies to the deep blue. You can also add to this by painting the cork in a bright color, so you can spot it in the water easily. 
  • Buy rolls of duct tape to use as cup holders. During a boating trip, you’ll likely pop a few cold ones or your best bottle of champagne. And you’ll also break out a good amount of cups. The trouble with this is your drinks spilling on your deck and making it sticky. Fit your cup through the hole of the roll, and you have an instant cup holder. 

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If it’s your boat window that needs replacement, a quick boating hack might not be able to solve it. Contact us at Peninsula Glass  for expert advice on boat window replacement.