While there’s a lot of limitations in living in small spaces, a houseboat surely makes up for it. Living in a house of your own that cruises into the open sea is a dream for many, but you made it your reality! 

However, small houseboat interiors can be challenging. There’s clearly limited room for everything and you have to use each and every corner wisely. Let these tricks help you out in making the most out of your houseboat space.

small houseboat interiorStorage under your bed

Beds occupy the biggest spaces in a room, so why don’t you use that space for extra storage? You can add shelves in the headboard space, and a hidden closet underneath your bed.

By doing this, you don’t only add more functional spaces, but you also minimize the clutter. Walk-in closets might not be possible for houseboats, but at least you have an under-bed closet,  which is kind of the same thing.

More storage in benches

Yes, the need for that storage space is a known struggle when you’re living in limited spaces like a houseboat. Make your furniture serve a dual purpose to help you out on that.

Make your benches as additional storage and add cushion on top to make it comfy to sit in. Ottomans can also serve well on this. If you’re living with a bunch of kids, hidden storage inside a bench is a perfect place to keep their toys and books out of sight.

foldable chairs for houseboat interiorMake sure it folds

Foldable tables and chairs are necessary to make the most out of small houseboat interiors. When guests begin crashing in, and there are no seats for everyone, the best thing to do is arrange a floor seating. 

That’s why chairs and tables must be cleared and stowed away when the situation asks for it. Foldable furniture makes this possible, but let’s don’t just stop on chairs. Tables can also be made foldable according to your need. A smart table that’s hooked on a wall can be set up and folded away whenever you like it.

Glass as dividers

As everybody knows, glass and mirrors form optical illusions that make a room look bigger than it actually is. For toilet and bath dividers, you can always count on them. 

Glass cabinets are also best to stock bathroom and medicine supplies while doubling its function. Sliding cabinet doors are safer for houseboats that are always in motion.

Let’s not limit ourselves with just the bathroom. Glass dividers in other parts of the house make for a winning houseboat interior design. Aside from taking up smaller spaces, it also makes any room appear larger than its square footage.

small houseboat interiorsFunctional corners

Corners are a tad bit daunting when designing a small room, especially if it’s a houseboat we’re talking about. But don’t let corners fool you, because as much as they look very limiting, you can make them a lot more functional if they are designed smartly.

Leaving a corner bare never makes a room bigger. It’s just a waste of precious space. Try installing a mini study desk, a storage bench, or a reading nook in every little corner you see. These additional functions also prettify a room’s interior.

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Banquette for the dining

The dining area should be made comfortable enough for eating and entertaining guests. That’s why for houseboats, banquette seating is a much better option.

A fixed bench and table makes it a sturdier alternative for a house that is constantly moving. You can either add up extra chairs on each of the other sides, and store them out if not needed. Banquette seating is designed for restaurant spaces for a reason– they take up the smallest space that makes everyone fit in comfortably.

houseboat windowsImportance of natural light

Going au naturel for indoor lighting is a must for any small houseboat interior. You’re gifted with the great views of the sea, and exquisite sunset everyday, so why waste it?

Open up your spaces to natural light by installing wide windows in the best corners of your houseboat. Maybe a dining space with a view of the sea? Or a living room that provides nice lighting while you read? You live in a houseboat for a reason so open it up for the wonders outside.

However, boat windows are not ordinary house windows. They should be installed properly to withstand the changing moods of the sea, and should only be made from quality glass materials fit for motion. 

We can help you out in finding the best glass for your boat window needs. Contact our experts at Peninsula Glass today!