It’s no surprise that houseboat renovation can eat up a big chunk from your budget, without you realizing it. We can’t blame you from splurging — a house that floats and cruises in the waters deserves only the best interiors. It’s a dream house anyone could hope for.

But for someone who’s torn between keeping his finances in check or splurging for every inch of the houseboat’s interiors, refurbishing and restoring is the way to go. Old items and furniture can still be reused for houseboat renovation. It can save your budget while keeping your houseboat looking exactly like you dream it.

houseboat renovation

Which should you refurbish, restore or replace entirely? We’ve had it figured out for you.

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Refurbish boat cabinets and fixtures

The houseboat’s interiors should speak of you and your boat’s personality. You also need to have a strategy on how to work with smaller spaces and make the most out of it.

Cabinets and fixtures work the same way. While renovating your houseboat’s interiors, you don’t have to look for the best cabinets in the market. All you need is something that can save you more space and can do its work.

Refurbish old cabinets by resizing them to fit your boat’s measurements. Painting them a lighter shade is also recommended for small spaces. For recreational vehicles like houseboats, it’s advisable to install beds and other furniture as fixtures than buying new ones. Light fixtures are the easiest to refurbish as there are a lot of ways to make it look new again. 

However, it can be tempting to buy new fixtures for the kitchen and bathroom but always ask yourself this: is it worth it? Try comparing the prices and designs. If new items are more efficient to use, then, by all means, buy them new.

Restore woodwork on walls and panels

Wood can be harder to maintain on houseboats. That’s why your houseboat’s woodwork must follow proper care and maintenance. You don’t need to redo all the walls if dividers and panels are assembled correctly for your use. 

For old woodwork, sanding it off is a good idea before applying coats of quality varnish all over again. Not only will it transform the wood’s finish, but it will also remove cracks and discoloration on old wooden walls.

Replace windows and doors

boat refurbishingWhen it comes to houseboat windows and doors, you have to be well-aware of the security and exclusivity it gives your home. This specific quality that these pieces give you should not be compromised at all.

Replace doors for houseboats that have been established a couple of years ago. It’s too risky to say it can still hold up after so many years. Doors are your only hope for protection and security. It’s a no-brainer that locks must be replaced completely. You’ll never know how many people have duplicated keys for that.

For your houseboat renovation, window replacement is necessary. If you’ve bought an old houseboat, the quality of its windows needs to be updated. Mirrors must be conducive for motion and must be strong enough for harsh winds. The thing about houseboats is that it flexes and twists a bit than ordinary houses, developing leaks. That’s why the proper installation of windows and frames must be handled by professionals.

If you’re planning your houseboat renovation, there’s plenty of room for errors and experiments. It’s important to be hands-on to allow yourself to learn more about your houseboat. However, you must also know when to ask for help from the experts. 

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