Types of Boat Surveys and their costs.

Some people may not realize that surveying a boat is vital because of how much a boat survey can cost. Experts believe that a boat survey will provide you a long-term peace of mind knowing that the boat you purchase is in good condition. 

What’s included in a boat survey?

A survey includes checking the details of the boat. This means the boat must be lifted from the water to properly examine it from bottom to top, the hull up to the deck. 

The engine of the boat will then be checked: the electrical system, engine, fuel tank, deck system, plumbing, steering control, and all other safety equipment. If the boat has a cabin with air conditioning units, its electrical connection also needs to be checked. 

By the end of the survey, the surveyor has to make a comprehensive report indicating the information required by the US Coastguards. The report also includes the potential problem that the boat may encounter based on its present condition or the particular vessel’s history in general. 

Moreover, if you are paying for a boat survey, the cost may cover the following:

  1. Complete documentation of the systems of the boat, structural condition, and overall cosmetic condition.
  2. Testing information and engine performance.
  3. Inventory of the equipment that you have.
  4. Findings and the recommendations if there are irregularities.
  5. Photos of the parts for a more comprehensive report.
  6. Professional comments and suggestions
  7. Fair market value

Types of Boat Survey

When budgeting for the cost of a boat survey, you need to determine the boat’s purpose, to ascertain the survey you need. Experts believe that a boat survey will provide you long-term peace of mind. Here are different types of boat surveys & their cost.

Pre-Purchase Condition & Value Survey

If you plan to purchase a new boat, the pre-purchase boat survey is recommended whether you are purchasing a brand new one or a secondhand vessel. This will do the detailed checking of the physical condition of the boat, as well as its engine performance. 

This type of survey may cost $22 to $26 per foot.

Insurance marine Survey

This survey is conducted on vessels to determine their value and condition for boat insurance purposes. The areas of the boat that need to be checked should align with the insurance provider’s requirements. In addition, it provides detailed information about the boat’s physical condition and the materials it is made of. 

This type of survey does not require operational testing or engine condition. This may cost $18 to $22 per foot. 

Appraisal Inspection

This type of boat inspection or survey will determine the market value of the boat. In addition, the report for this survey will be used for estate settlement, financing, donations, and other legal cases. 

With this type of survey, you may need a budget of around $300 base price on top of the hourly rate required by the surveyor. 

Damage inspection and survey

An insurance company may perform a survey to determine the current condition of the vessel. It will ensure that the boat is in good condition for a long trip and determine if some parts need replacement, like the canvass, the boat windows, or other details. 

The cost of this type of survey may vary on the level of inspection you want to determine. Below are the possible expenses that you may consider:

  • Expert Fee. When you want an expert to do the inspection the whole day, the cost would be $1,200, and for half-day, you may need a budget of around $600. 
  • Collision testing. This may be necessary when your vessel has encountered accidents in the past. The average price for this service is $250, not including the hourly rate required by the surveyor.
  • Consultation: hourly rate is $150.

Yacht Survey

This is necessary if you are to buy new vessels that are large and expensive. They are a detailed inspection with the purpose of determining its current condition and seaworthiness. These vessels may have customized designs with quality materials, especially boat windows, often personalized or customized based on the owner’s preference.

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