how to dock a boatAfter a great day of boating, you’ll have to dock your boat somewhere safe. Like parking a car, docking a boat safely will need some basic knowledge and a few skills. 

For first-timers, learning how to dock a boat can be quite a challenge. The tide, movement of the current, and the direction of the wind can make it even more difficult. Not to worry though, because we’re giving you the best tips on how to safely dock your boat.

Get Prepared to Dock

Make sure to have all your docking accessories ready. Your docking line should be well attached to the bow and stern. Board racks must be swung on, portable ladders and other obstructions should be removed. You have to take note of the unnecessary items or accessories hanging along the boat’s nose. 

To protect your boat from docking, bumping and other berthing accidents, it’s best to invest in quality fenders. They come in different shapes, sizes and materials that’s best for every boat. If you have one docking station, you can also purchase fenders to be attached on your own docking station.

Know Where the Wind Blows

As they always say, “Current trumps wind”. Wind and current can either be your enemy or friend when docking your boat properly. It’s because the direction where the wind blows causes movement of the water currents. Docking your boat without studying this can be dangerous because these movements are uncontrolled. 

The best way to deal with these two is befriending them– you have to turn and steer your boat along to the direction of the wind and current to be able to dock successfully. However, techniques may be different depending on the wind and current’s direction.

How to Dock a Boat Basic Techniques

There are different docking techniques but knowing these basic ones can help you dock with ease. Depending on the direction of the wind and current, you can dock your boat properly using these two methods.

The Parallel Method

This method requires approaching the dock with your bow pointed to its direction. Then you will have to pull in your bow alongside the dock, and lay up against the opposite side. 

To be successful using this method, you have to approach the dock narrowly, almost at a parallel angle. When your boat is now a few feet away from the dock, turn the steering wheel to the direction of the dock and slightly hit reverse. This way, it will swing your stern in and get your boat perfectly lined against the dock.

how to dock a boat in a slip

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The Back-End Method

This is mostly like backing the car in a parking space. You have to approach the dock on a 45-degree angle, with your boat’s nose pointing out of the dock. 

With your steering wheel, turn into the dock and engage the boat in gear to begin a spin. As you begin the spin, you have to turn your throttles into neutral and steer into the opposite direction of the dock, and engage the throttle back in reverse. This is to keep your boat spinning without having to move forward or backward.

Now as the boat’s nose is on the right track, it’s time to engage the throttle back to neutral and turn the steering wheel one last time. Put the throttles back into gear again until your boat is on  its proper position, resting along the dock.

How to Tie a Boat to a Dock

After safely docking your boat, you have to tie it up properly too. Best if there’s a dock assistant willing to help out, but if there’s not, you can ask one of the passengers to assist you.

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There will be cleats available in dock ports, but you have to do the knot properly. You have to tie both the dock lines of the bow and stern. To tie it safely in the cleat, with your dock line, go all around the cleat’s base, then around one horn. On the other horn do a loop to create a locking hitch, also known as the ‘cleat hitch’. Check if it’s tightly hitched by tugging on the ropes. With the rope securely tied up, you can now leave your boat to go to any place you’re headed.

Got these points? Ensure you and your passengers’ safety by knowing how to dock your boat properly. Another way to keep you safe inside your boat is to make sure that your boat windows and glass materials are top quality.

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