winterizing a boatThe winter season is already here. It is when you need to prepare your boat for the cold weather to protect it against harsh elements. Remember that the winter months could be the most dangerous months for your boats. To ensure that you will still have something to use in the summer season, make sure to follow the tips on how to winterize a boat.

How to Winterize a Boat

Many people love the winter season because it is the perfect time to enjoy winter activities. However, it also tells that summer is over and you need to prepare your boat for hibernation. You most likely won’t be able to use it until spring so it is best to keep it safe by using proper winter preparation techniques. Here are some tips in winterizing  your boat with ease.

1. Check your boat if any parts need to be repaired.

Before keeping your boat in a safe and secure place, make sure to check every part. Winter is the best time to fix all the damaged areas and any component that needs to be repaired. This means checking everything from the windows to the steering wheel, to the motor to the hull, and everywhere in between.

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2. Keep all the things that you can remove from your boat.

Take home all the things that you can keep from the boat. From the pots and pans to the dishes and cups, empty all the storage boxes and leave no item.

3. Clean the boat.

Keep your boat clean even if you will not use it in the winter season. Give your boat a good scrub from front to back. You can also scrub the carpets and clean all the curtains. If your windows or doors are made of wood, you can rub them down with lemon oil. 

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4. Keep the interior doors open.

Make sure that there is enough ventilation on the boat. Leave the interior doors open so that air can still circulate.

winterizing a boat checklist5. Check the engine system.

Don’t forget to check the engine system and see if they are still working. Change the engine oil and consider replacing all the filters. Make sure not to throw any of the engine oil into the dumpsters or bodies of water.

6. Drain your water tanks.

Get rid of the water from the water tanks and heater. You can add non-toxic antifreeze to the water tank and pump it directly through hot and cold plumbing. Don’t forget to run non-toxic antifreeze through the ice makers, air conditioning pumps, and other areas that could freeze up with liquid.

7. Haul your boat.

After hauling the boat, fog the cylinders on gasoline engines, then flush the raw water cooling system with non-toxic antifreeze. Make sure to remove the batteries so that you can charge them over the winter months.

Whether you are a first-time boater or not, it is essential to know how to winterize a boat. This way, you can keep your boat safe from the damaging elements that the cold season could bring. You can follow the tips above and ask for other helpful advice from your friends who are also boat enthusiasts to really learn more about winterizing your boat.

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