houseboat-or-yachtDespite their similarities, houseboats and yachts are two different vessels. If you’re planning to get either a houseboat or yacht, read more below to find out which one is for you. 


Houseboats are more affordable than yachts. One reason is that they are easier to maintain and are not sailed frequently. A yacht is more expensive because of its commercial use. Plus, the maintenance on a yacht is more tedious due to its high-class build and luxurious features aboard. 


Yachts are usually priced around $300,000 to one million dollars, whereas you can buy a houseboat for as low as $15,000.

Size and Appearance

One major difference between the two is in appearance. Houseboats usually look like houses floating in the water, while yachts look like small cruise ships. Yachts are faster and more appropriate for sailing because of their planing hulls. On the other hand, houseboats only have flat hulls that’s why they’re mostly stationary. 


Both are big enough to live in, but typical yachts are more cramped on the inside than houseboats, which is why they’re used mostly for recreation.  


Purpose and Intended Use

Yachts are more luxury boats or non-recreational vessels. They are typically known for their speed, beauty, and other luxurious features. Plus, they are more famous for formal events, parties, and oceanic relaxation. 


Houseboats are vessels with basic features that are only needed for comfortable day-to-day living. Because of their flat hulls, houseboats don’t move as fast in the water and might require more fuel to go from one place to another. This is why most houseboats are stationed permanently in marinas. A houseboat can accommodate one or more families depending on the vessel size. If you ask around in areas with houseboats, you’ll find out that some families have lived in their houseboats for generations. 


Still, houseboats are also great for commercial use. After all, they were originally designed for that. If you don’t plan to live in a houseboat, they can make great restaurants or cafes in the marina. But for commercial use, yachts are the better investment. You can host parties or events, and with their mobility, you can take your business anywhere. 



Houseboats typically have a much larger living space than yachts. They feature amenities that are great for living, like bedrooms, an indoor kitchen, and bathrooms. In marinas, other houseboat owners create a sort of tight-knit group with each other, so if you plan to live in one, expect friendly neighbors to socialize with.


A yacht is too big for one person, financially and space-wise. Plus, yachts won’t be able to provide enough space for a family. So houseboats are more practical if you’re planning to live in such a vessel. However, expect to invest in insurance eventually to cover for damages or break-ins that may happen in your houseboat. 



Both houseboats and yachts experience wear and tear that requires routine maintenance to function smoothly. When it comes to houseboat maintenance, one of the essentials that owners can do is make sure that their houseboat sits on a good foundation. House barges are especially susceptible to damage from leaks in the hull. As water seeps into the boat, wood swells, and metal corrodes.


Houseboats generally last longer because they are not made to travel fast or far or need expensive maintenance as most yachts do. Since houseboats are much cheaper to buy, houseboat owners will also save money on houseboat upkeep. Yacht maintenance can cost up to $10,000 a month, while houseboat owners only have to pay for houseboat slip at the marina and fuel.


If you want to give a houseboat a more homey look, it may require a lot of renovations like new flooring, putting up drywall, and setting up bathrooms. Plus, they typically need electric and water supply and sewage. Yachts, on the other hand, are already built with those. 


In retrospect, either houseboat or yacht will have the same maintenance cost. Yachts may cost more initially, but they require less upkeep in the long run because you won’t sail your yacht unless needed. On the other hand, houseboats may cost less but may require unexpected costs like foundation repairs. 



So, a houseboat or yacht? The answer will depend on your specific needs and preference. It will also depend on how much money and time you will spend on the vessel. Both are excellent investments with each having its uniqueness that you’ll love. 


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