Don’t lose hope just yet, because even the oldest-looking boats can still look brand new. Boat restoration is workable with determination, skillful hands, and a few effective tips.

Though restoring a boat can be very challenging, these simple DIY restoration tips can help you get started. Check out these five useful tips.

boat restoration1 – Start with an inventory of tools

Thing is, materials to be replaced on every boat restoration may vary. Check on the boat and see which materials needed repair, or which materials need to go. Including the tools needed, make an inventory of things you will need and check out their prices online.

Better yet, get some professional help on this part. If you’re completely clueless about what needs to be done, and which tools to buy, seeking help from the experts is the next best thing.

2 – Clean the boat stern-to-stern

Old boats are usually covered in dirt and grime. It’s also hard to see which of the parts to restore when it’s all dirty. There are top three things you should prioritize when cleaning your boat for restoration.

With a hose, start cleaning at the highest point of the boat. Otherwise, you’ll just be going back and forth. Household cleaning agents are good but for stubborn stains and grime, you may have to buy specialized cleaning tools. Brush boat windshield and windows with a soft brush.

wooden boat restoration3 – Check what’s broken

This part can be done as you clean. With everything now more clean and visible, check out what’s broken and what needs to be repaired or replaced.

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The windows should be inspected properly. Check for cracks and see if fixtures and fittings are working fine. Same like the windows, do the dashboard checking even the tiniest crack. Window glass on old boats may not be stable, so consider replacing boat windows.

4 – Watch out on rotting wood

It might be looking all perfect from the surface, but inspect every wood furnishing on the boat that needs to be replaced. Rotting wood is common among old boats. Inspect the deck, the seat bases and transom for any visible sagging, rotting or broken wood.

Rotting wood needs to be replaced as soon as possible. Simply strip off all the rotten parts and replace with marine-grade materials. Plywood or modern composite both work fine.

5 – Remove old fuel and oil from tank

Old fuel can mess up with the tank. Remove all the old fuel including the old oil from the engine and gear case.

If the fuel is too old, it settles inside the cylinder and cannot be ignited, As it stays there, it forms a conductive layer on the insulator. It will be impossible to clean an insulator with old fuel. Which is why you may need to change your spark plug.

Restoring a boat can be made simple with these steps. However, there’s always the option to look for expert help. Some parts of the boat might be too hard to deal with especially if you’re working on a boat that’s too old.

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Repair and replacement are common on some boat fixtures, including the glass. It’s recommended to replace glass windows when restoring a boat. This is because glass and window seals may not be reliable for use.

Peninsula Glass experts can help you more on your glass window repairs or replacement needs. Contact our hotlines and we’ll be glad to help.