How Much Does A Boat Cost?

You would be forgiven to assume that buying a boat is almost exactly the same as buying a car. And most of the time, you’d be right. Not every boat is made the same, which can greatly affect the final asking price. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. So how much does a…

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Boat Name Ideas: Guide for First-Time Boat Owners

boat name puns

Back in 2017, a research vessel from the UK was getting ready for its maiden scientific voyage. But the British government had a relatively “modern” idea to help them name the ship: they’re going to let the internet name it. And if you’re a new boat owner looking for the best boat name ideas, try…

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Boat in Storm: What You Should Know to Survive

Being on a boat in a storm has to be one of the most terrifying things ever. You’re at the mercy of the weather and waves that reach at least as high as a few stories. One wrong twist of fate and your vessel will be at the bottom of the ocean–guaranteed. Not even the…

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6 Cool Boat Accessories That You Actually Need 

Boating is one of the most popular pastimes in the world, and it’s easy to see why. But who says you can’t improve the already-great experience even further? This is where cool boat accessories come in.  Related: How To Find Quality Boat Parts Online There is all manner of cool boat accessories you can add…

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Do You Need a License to Drive a Boat?

Boating is indeed fun and exciting, especially in the hot season. Doing this activity allows you to explore breathtaking places and enjoy several water adventures. If you plan to have a great experience in the lake, taking a boating trip is an ideal thing to do. But do you need a license to drive a…

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7 Helpful Tips for Winterizing a Boat

The winter season is already here. It is when you need to prepare your boat for the cold weather to protect it against harsh elements. Remember that the winter months could be the most dangerous months for your boats. To ensure that you will still have something to use in the summer season, make sure…

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How Does A Jet Boat Work?

Let’s get this out of the way early: jet boats are awesome. They can go faster than most boats, with speeds that will make your heart race–in a good way, of course. This is one of the many reasons why recreational boating enthusiasts are considering buying jet boats instead of their more “mellow” counterparts. But…

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Boat Storage Ideas to Stay Organized Onboard

Living on a boat has a certain charm to it. It’s a relatively unique living arrangement, and one that’s arguably more fascinating than living in a car. But as every liveaboard (people that live on boats) know, organizational skills is an absolute must. You have much more limited space to work with on a boat…

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Tips & Tricks: Cleaning Boat Windscreens

acrylic boat windscreens

Do you have a boat restoration project on your plate right now? Or do you only aim to help your vessel last longer? Well, if you want to do that, then you should never forget about boat windscreens. Because like anything else on a boat, these windscreens take a really good beating and deserve some…

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Under Which Conditions Do Most Boating Accidents Occur?

When the months get a bit toasty, people start looking for all sorts of ways to cool off. Some go take a dip in swimming pools or the beach. Others go visit places where it is colder. And some just turn on their air conditioning for longer than they usually do. Lastly, others take it…

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