The 5 Best Boat Brands

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Boats are expensive investments, so it’s essential to research before purchasing. Whether you’re buying for recreational or commercial use, there are many boat brands to choose from. From fiberglass to wood and everything in between, always consider the durability, weather conditions you will be sailing, and other factors that might influence your decision before settling…

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Heated Glass Windows: The Benefits of Adding One to Your Boat


Heated glass windows are a relatively new invention that offers several benefits to homeowners. But did you know that heated glass windows are a great addition to any boat? A few boat owners love the idea of having heated glass installed in the boat. They allow you to keep your boat warm and comfortable on…

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How to Choose the Right Boat Windshield Door Catches


When you’re out on the water, there’s nothing more important than your safety. That’s why it’s essential to ensure your boat is in good condition and the parts are intact before you set sail. One of the vital parts of your boat is the windshield door catch, which will keep you safe and secure while…

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Buying Guide: Choosing The Right Boat Trailer For You


Having a boat trailer is a big responsibility in itself. And buying one certainly isn’t an easy task either. Check out this buying guide to help you narrow down your choices.  Weight Capacity Of course, the trailer has to be strong enough to hold the weight of the boat. Not only that, but it also…

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Which is Better: Houseboat or Yacht?

Despite their similarities, houseboats and yachts are two different vessels. If you’re planning to get either a houseboat or yacht, read more below to find out which one is for you.  Price Houseboats are more affordable than yachts. One reason is that they are easier to maintain and are not sailed frequently. A yacht is…

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Boat Maintenance Essentials: How to Keep Your Boat Running Smoothly?

Boat maintenance is one of the most crucial things in boat ownership. It may take a lot of time to do and can get frustrating at times, but unfortunately, there’s no way around it. The last thing boat owners want is to have their boats break down while being out in the open water.  Here…

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The Ultimate Guide on How to Measure a Boat

Boats are helpful in many ways, and they are used for many things. It can be for recreation, enjoyment, and fishing. Some entrepreneurs use ships for a living by renting them to tourists or people who want to see the high seas.  That is why measuring a boat is necessary. Learning how to measure a…

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How Much Does a Boat Survey Cost?

Some people may not realize that surveying a boat is vital because of how much a boat survey can cost. Experts believe that a boat survey will provide you a long-term peace of mind knowing that the boat you purchase is in good condition.  What’s included in a boat survey? A survey includes checking the…

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What Type of Boating Emergencies That Causes The Most Fatalities?

The US Coast Guard and American Boating Associations recorded thousands of boating accidents that were the cause of most of the fatalities. The latest documented cases were in 2019, wherein 4,168 instances of accidents, 613 were recorded as dead. To help us understand these cases, we have to know under which conditions most boating emergencies…

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How to Avoid an Unfair Deal When Buying Boat Insurance

Insurance brokers and companies don’t exactly have a good reputation, and it’s quite understandable. It’s easy to get an unfair deal whenever you buy something whose effects you won’t see for years down the line. And boat insurance is no exception.  The fact that you can always get ripped off buying boat insurance is why…

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